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Commercial Vending Machines

 We provide vending machines for medium to large businesses, healthcare facilities, sporting arenas and more.

Definite Food Services – The Vending Machines Mainland Nova Scotia Enjoys

Why arrange a snack and beverage counter and spend money on hiring employees when you can have a machine do it for you? Our advanced vending machines in Mainland Nova Scotia provide your employees, visitors and clients delicious treats and healthy beverages from popular brands. With over 325 vending machines owned and operated by Definite Food Services, we proudly serve over 145 clients and share a long-standing relationship with most of them. We serve any client with a workforce or visitor count of over 80 people. 

Apart from cash, our reliable vending machines in Dartmouth take credit, tap and debit for your customers’ and employees’ convenience. Definite Food Services supplies and maintains your vending machines in the majority of Mainland Nova Scotia. We are on call 24/7 for emergency repairs, so your vending machines don't stay dysfunctional for over a day. With our reliable and high-quality services, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. 


Healthy and Delicious Snacks

We offer snacks from top brands that are good for your health.

vending machine

Traditional Vending

Take a look at what sets us apart and what we offer.


Micro Markets

We provide customized micro markets made of vending machines

Industries We Cater to in Mainland Nova Scotia

You might have seen vending machines in the hospitals, schools and entertainment centres. But do you know it has become an indispensable asset for our clients belonging to a variety of industries, public spaces and more? Give us a call to get our effortless machines installed in any of the following places:

Public markets locations and tourist attractions
Sports and recreation venues
Medium and large companies
Industrial and healthcare facilities
Colleges and universities
Hospitality industry
Commercial building owners
Institutional buildings/educational
Arenas/ice rinks
Medium to large business
Cafeteria operators

Vending Machines Geared to Customer Convenience and Health

Most vending machine companies supply food according to set policies and rigid order forms. As a locally operated business, Definite Food Services is part of your community, ready to respond to your requests and market needs. Do you want handy but healthy choices for your school, business or public facility? Have them always available in a hassle-free vending machine in all of Mainland Nova Scotia.

Our Customers Express Their Satisfaction

Definite Food Services believes in complete customer satisfaction. We are the recommended company around Nova Scotia because of our technologically advanced vending machines.

We understand the importance of a business owner to ensure that all employees are content and remain on the worksite. Place a snack station in your office so that your employees don't have to go to a grocery store to get their snacks. Consequently, there will be shorter breaks and more productivity.

We at Definite Food Services prioritize customer satisfaction as a locally owned and operated company having up-to-date knowledge of the snacks and beverages in demand in Nova Scotia. That's why we take care of everything from product selection to providing dependable technical support. We're known for keeping our equipment in good working order and delivering on time.

The Brands We Carry

The products we offer belong to the following premium and trustworthy brands:

Areas We Currently Serve

We have been providing our modern vending machines to reputed establishments and companies to nearly the whole of Nova Scotia including:

Mahone Bay
New Glasgow

Your Source for Vending Machines in Nova Scotia

Customize your orders and stock the brands people know and like with personalized vending services from Definite Food Services. In Metropolitan Halifax, the Nova Scotia Mainland and Annapolis Valley, you form a partnership with us to give your office, industrial facility, school or sports venue a range of selections that please your people. Contact us to order our customer-centric vending machines, which provide a better-for-you line of healthy foods and snacks.

Up-to-Date Vending Machines and Worry-Free Maintenance

Late at night, your third-shift employees can choose any snacks they want. Early in the morning, the first employees in your office have a quick morning snack and energy-boosting juices ready and waiting. All because Definite Vending Services keeps all services operating and all machines stocked. We perform above the rest because we offer every client the best vending services, including:

Modern machines and up-to-date technology
Attractive vending machines that fit your location
Regular cleaning and worry-free maintenance schedules
24/7 emergency repair service

Our vending machines now take mobile payment in addition to cash! All you need to do is tap your credit or debit card, or you can use cash or Apple Pay.

Professional Affiliations

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