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Cold Beverage and Snack Machines

Starting more than 20 years ago, Definite Food Services has grown over the years to a business with an excess of two million in annual sales.


We have succeeded because we form individual partnerships with our clients and customers to meet and respond to their ever-changing needs. Definite Food Services keeps customer’s machines and services up to date with the marketplace standards and client’s expectations. All vendors are merchandised to our client’s needs, and the customers they serve to utilize market studies for bestselling choices. Select from our extensive inventory of traditional snacks. We offer businesses hassle-free snack machines in all of Mainland Nova Scotia as well as:


Timely stocking and maintenance
24/7 emergency repair service
Acceptance of all new coins and paper currency
Cashless vending, debit, credit and Apple Pay

Personalized Orders for the Brands People Know and Buy

Make your vending machines popular by stocking them with brands people know and trust. For attractive prices, Definite Food Services promises the freshest packaged foods from suppliers such as:

Ask Us for the Best Packaged Food Your Way

Choose packaged foods with a personalized variety that fits the tastes and dietary choices your public or workplace wants. Contact Definite Food Services for fresh and convenient snacks at your fingertips according to your custom order. Our selections include but are not limited to:

Complete lines of cold beverages
Complete lines of healthy snacks
Cheese and crackers
Chocolate bars
Cookies and pretzels
Chips of all kinds
Dairy products
Bottled water and juices

Why Choose Micro Markets?

Micro markets can help you build a cafeteria with low investment.

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