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Automate Your Cafeteria with Micro Markets in HRM

Increase the number of fresh food and snack options available to your employees or customers with high-tech micro-markets in Mainland Nova Scotia. Definite Food Services has over 300 choices for you to choose from that you can tailor to your employees' tastes and preferences. 


Here’s why you should choose micro-markets:

Consolidate all of your break room needs with a single provider
Build a personalized experience for the workers for optimum satisfaction
Operate at lower costs compared to conventional cafeterias
Find new customers in a dynamic market with an automated snack station
Have new and nutritious choices to improve performance on-site
Ensure that food is available at all times without much hassle
Make checkouts a breeze with a range of easy payment options
Reduce costs by keeping repairs to a minimum

Versatility Is the Way Forward

With a quick swipe of their preferred payment card, customers can access and connect with their product offerings in our innovative refrigerated cabinets. In real-time, our vision technology recognizes the items selected and generates an electronic receipt.

Offer your employees and visitors the option of self-checkout and easy payment in addition to food selection.

Our Design Options

We at Definite Food Services sit with you to finalize a design that fits your space effortlessly and provides enough room for people to sit and eat healthy snacks and beverages. You can choose from the following popular designs or create some unorthodox ones:

L-shaped micro market
Straight wall micro market
Split corner micro market
healthy snacks

Corporate Wellness

Our snacks will satisfy your hunger and keep you healthy.

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