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Striving Towards Ensuring Corporate Wellness in HRM

With just a few minutes to spare for lunch, many employees choose fast food over complete meals to return to work as soon as possible. Definite Food Services provides nutritious snack choices in our vending machines, eliminating the need for your workers to go searching for food and ensuring corporate wellness in all of Mainland Nova Scotia.

Food directly affects performance. Better snack and lunch services, as well as workplace promotion of healthy eating, would benefit everyone. Micro market cafeterias can have a wide range of lunches and snacks at all hours of the day, providing a pleasant working atmosphere. Based on your workplace, we create an atmosphere where workers from various departments can connect and meet new people. Here’s what we offer:

Baked chips
Zero calorie/diet beverages
Protein bars
Trail mix varieties

Our range of snacks isn’t limited to these, though. We have a variety of assortments so that there are multiple options for everyone. Contact us today to get more information on our range of healthy snacks.

vending machine

Smart Vending Machines

We use vending machines that are user-friendly.

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