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Enjoy Healthy Snacks from Our Food Vending Machines in all of Mainland Nova Scotia

Definite Food Services in Dartmouth knows that every office, health care facility and school wants their employees and the public to be healthy and happy. So we do our part by offering an entire line of vendor’s healthy snacks in our natural food vending machines that are not only fresh and tasty but also better for you. Our healthy vegetable chips and energy bars are made with 100% natural ingredients. 

You can find an afternoon snack to satisfy your taste buds and boost your energy level with these healthy choices instead of fried and over processed foods. Order your custom selection of zero-trans fat treats and more from the entire Definite Food Services inventory of better-for-you choices that include:

Sweet and Savory Snacks
Baked chips
Nuts and trail mix
Cereal, granola and energy bars
Iced teas
100% juices
Bottled water

Great Vending Services to Match Great Selections

As with our traditional vending selections, Definite Food Services makes providing healthy choices convenient and worry-free. Every healthy choice vending machine comes with our full range of benefits:

Modern machines and up-to-date technology
Attractive vending machines that fit your location
Exclusive line-up of healthy and traditional items with encouragement to choose something from the right side
Regular cleaning and maintenance schedules

Call us to inquire about a vending machine today.

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Traditional Vending

Explore the brands we offer.

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