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Cut the Junk by Enjoying Vendors’ Snacks that Are Better for You

Definite Food Services & Bluenose Vending Services knows that every office, health care facility and school wants their employees and the public to be healthy and happy. So Definite/Bluenose does our part by offering an entire line of convenient foods in our vending machines that are not only fresh and tasty but also better for you. From low-fat yogurt to vegetable chips made with 100% natural ingredients, you can find an afternoon snack to satisfy your taste and boost your energy level with healthy choices. Order your custom selection of zero-trans fat treats and more from the entire Definite/Bluenose inventory of better-for-you choices that include:

Sweet & Savory Snacks

●  Baked & pita chips

●  Crackers

●  Nuts & trail mix

●  Popcorn

●  Pretzels

●  Cereal, granola & energy bars


●  Iced teas

●  100% juices

●  Bottled water

Great Vending Services to Match Great Selections

As with our traditional vending selections, Definite/Bluenose makes providing healthy choices convenient and worry-free. Every healthy choice vending machine comes with our full range of benefits:

  • Modern machines & up-to-date technology
  • Attractive vending machines that fit your location
  • Choose from our Exclusively Healthy lineup or our combination lineup of Traditional items with encouragement to Choose Something from the Right Side
  • Regular cleaning & maintenance schedules
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